Website guide

You can use this Oh Europa website ( as a way to follow our journey and keep up to date with where we are, where you can find us if you want to sing a love song, and where the beacons are (click on the blue dots to find out more about the location). You can also download a special app we made to help you navigate to the nearest beacon so that you can hear the broadcast and enter your email address to receive video postcards we’re making as we travel.

When you’re on the map page use the menu to navigate or click the black cursor to scroll down to the rest of the website


You can explore the map to find out see where all the beacon locations are, and you can click on the blue dots to find out more about each site, watch video and hear a sample of the transmission.


Click on the download icons on the about page or beacon pop-ups to download the Oh Europa app. This turns your device into a map and compass that points you towards the beacon nearest to your current location. Use it to navigate your way there and when you arrive it will automatically tune in to the broadcast and you will hear the love songs we’ve recorded (tip: works best with headphones). Bare in mind that the nearest beacon could be very close to you but it could also be many kilometers away in another country! We’re hoping that some of you will be intrepid enough to make your own epic pilgrimages to beacon sites to hear the love songs. If you do please do get in touch to tell us where you went and how far you travelled!


If you want us to send you video postcards of our journey (we’ll send about 6 in total over the 6 months) then sign up on the ABOUT page


This page lets you know where we’ve been (hover over the numbered dots on the timeline) and where/when we’re stopping on the way to record songs. If you want to sing a love song and you want to know if we’re passing through your hometown then get in touch and we can let you know if/when we’ll be there. We’ll also be giving regular updates via twitter, Facebook and instagram so you can follow us there too.