Oh Europa in Kosova

We were due to travel to Pristina this year and collect more love songs and present RadiOh Europa as part of HAPU festival organised by Teatri ODA but the pandemic meant we couldn’t travel. So instead we worked online from our home in Bristol with local artist Daniela Markaj who collected some songs on our behalf and then did a special guerilla version of RadiOh Europa in Pristina. They drove in a special van and parked up in different residential neighbourhoods and played love songs collected by Daniela but also love songs we’ve collected from all around Europe. It was a great experience working with Teatri ODA and Daniela and finding a way to still spread love in these difficult times to passers-by in Kosova. We can’t wait to travel there in person in 2021 and meet Daniela in real life and some of the people who sang!