route map

Today we managed to plan the whole Oh Europa route for the first time! Its taken 3 years to get to this point as our route needs to take in all the beacon locations we’ve decided on (plus have room to accommodate more we discover on the way), and all the festivals and venues who are hosting us at the times they want us and try and hit every country!

It was made all the more challenging because one of the beacons we’re activating will be at the Northern-most tip of the continent in Norway and our motorhome is not equipped for snowy conditions so we can only make that epic part of the trip in July and then make our way all the way down to Hungary. We also want to make sure we actually have days when we’re not driving!

There’s still a few details to sort out with people who are hosting us and some decisions to make about when and where to take ferries from but essentially we know the route now. Its so long and convoluted google maps won’t let us include all the legs of the journey on one map!